Knauer AZURA Pilot Prep LC 100 LPG

Codice di Riferimento


Sistema Azura Pilot Prep LC 100 LPG con Valvola di raccolta 16 pos.


€24.500 + IVA


Fino al 30/11/2016

Codice di Riferimento


Sistema Azura Pilot Prep LC 100 LPG Con Fraction Collector


€29.900 + IVA


Fino al 30/11/2016

 Knauer AZURA Prep LC

Knauer Azura Prep LC – brochure

Sistema HPLC Preparativo a Gradiente Ternario per applicazioni con flussi fino a 100 ml/min e pressioni fino a 400 Bar

The AZURA Pilot Prep LC 100 LPG system is a low pressure gradient (LPG) HPLC system for the purification of samples in the laboratory scale. The AZURA Preparative HPLC system is designed and optimized for the purification of milligram to gram samples. The system proposal consists of a preparative HPLC pump with ternary LPG valve block and an Assistant ASM 2.1 L with: UV-detector UVD 2.1S, a electric injection valve for injection of sample volumes up to 40 ml and fraction valve for fractionation (16 positions) or a Foxy R1 Fraction Collector.

The AZURA P 2.1L pump covers a wide flow rate range and pressure capabilities. In the current setup, it supports max. pressures up to 400 bar at flow rates up to 100 ml/min. The integrated automatic recognition of the pump head with RFID technology allows fast adoptions of the pump for various applications. The LPG valve block enables the accurate formation of binary or ternary gradients.

The AZURA Preparative HPLC system comes with an eluent tray for safe storage bottles and an integrated leak management system with sensors.

A leak sensor and the capillary guidance as well as the optional AZURA Mobile control with touch screen facilitate the safe and user friendly operation. Modern design with completely demountable fronts turns the system into a visual highlight.

Sistema comprensivo di:


  • Pompa a gradiente ternario (100 ml/min – 400 bar)
  • Camera di miscelazione
  • Valvola di iniezione automatica (fino a 40 ml)
  • Detector UV (190 – 500 nm)
  • Software Clarity Prep
  • Eluent Tray
  • Valvola di frazionamento a 16 posizioni o Raccoglitore di Frazioni

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