7 Maggio 2019

InterCinD – Bologna POP’s day

Si terrà il prossimo 24 maggio presso l’Area della Ricerca CNR in via Piero Gobetti 101 a Bologna l’incontro annuale di InterCinD: circuito interlaboratorio accreditato di LabService. Scarica […]
22 Ottobre 2018

Cyanotoxin Analytical Standards

Scarica la Brochure per maggiori dettagli
6 Settembre 2018

Green Week 2018 Milano

19 Giugno 2018

IPABCMonitor Workshop Finale

10 Maggio 2016

Promozione FPLC – Knauer AZURA Compact Bio LC 50

The AZURA Compact Bio LC 50 system was designed for isocratic affinity chromatography applications. The system offers outstanding performance and ease of use thanks to its compact design and user-friendly FPLC software PurityChrom® Bio. Select your sample, your washing and elution buffer using the selection valve. Your proteins of interest are detected by UV absorption and automatically collected via the fractionation valve. Pre-designed methods and cleaning steps are included in the software and can be easily adapted by changing the column volume.